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Bob is the Welsh Liberal Democrat Candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire.

by admin on 4 February, 2011

Bob Kilmister has been selected as the Welsh Liberal Democrats candidate for the Preseli Pembrokeshire Welsh Assembly seat.yes


Bob Kilmister is married to Nikki and has a son Thomas who attends Ysgol Bro Gwaun in Fishguard. They live on a smallholding between Llanychaer and Dinas Cross, where they keep Lleyn sheep, poultry and bees. Bob was born in Cheltenham and his mother originated from a Welsh speaking family in Criccieth and his grandfather worked as a solicitor in David Lloyd George’s practice. The family moved to Pembrokeshire from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, where Bob had worked for J Sainsbury plc for 30 years, 12 as a store manager. Bob also has strong environmental interests and is a member of Friends of the Earth. He is Chair of Ysgol Bro Gwaun PTA and Treasurer of Fishguard and Goodwick Rotary Club.


In making his acceptance speech, Bob stressed that the most important issue he will be promoting is the move towards a fairer voting system to completely overhaul our Parliamentary system and bring it up to date. “Total transparency is an absolute requirement as is a fair voting system”, said Bob. “I believe the coalition at Westminster has at least started on some of the issues, but we need to keep the pressure on, so we bring this nation into the 21st Century. We must convince the public to vote YES in the referendum, to be held on the same day as the Welsh Assembly Elections”.



Bobs other beliefs:-

  • I believe in the individual. Protecting their rights, standing up for them against government or business is fundamental to my vision of a decent society. I totally believe in localism and I try to oppose centralism at every opportunity.
  • Labour’s state legislation program worried me. It took away our civil liberties and took us to the verge of a police state. The way to beat terrorists and extremists is to show that your society has values worth fighting for and not by taking away people’s hard won rights.
  • I believe in free enterprise. Promoting small business is the way to prosperity as are the profit sharing schemes in larger organizations. I do not believe in the roulette style of business which brought us to the mess we are in now.
  • I believe in social responsibility that means that the citizen has responsibilities, not just the state. There is nothing wrong with aspiration and it is something we should promote strongly.
  • I believe in equal opportunity for all. The recent funding decision on University funding goes against all my instincts and I am glad that all the Welsh Liberal Democrat MP’s voted against it.
  • I am deeply worried about the performance of Wales in the sectors of Health and Education where we are lagging behind the rest of the U.K.  Our Health spending is lower per head than in England with longer waiting times and no choice about where you are treated.  Our children receive on average £600 per head less than in England and pupil achievement rates are lower than in the rest of the U.K.  Labour and Plaid will tell you that it is all the Coalition governments fault but in reality it is the policies they have adopted in Wales.  We deserve better.
  • We need to ensure we have a thriving agricultural sector. The TB eradication policy is in tatters and we waste millions on killing healthy livestock that do not even have the disease.



Martin Drew, the Chair of Preseli Pembrokeshire Liberal Democrats said :


“We are pleased to have Bob as our candidate. He is the strongest candidate we have fielded for the Welsh Assembly and I know Bob will put his heart into it, as he has in his two and a half years as the County Councillor for Dinas Cross ward. In that short time, he has earned many plaudits for his active community campaigning, not just in his own ward, but his name has achieved recognition across the north of the County. At County Hall, Bob has actively called for greater openness and democracy. Over the next 4 months, I know Bob will work hard to get his message heard across the rest of the Constituency. Bob has a proven record that will make him an ideal voice to represent the needs of the people of Pembrokeshire as he is not afraid to speak out. The Constituency Party is also pleased that Bob has chosen to use his campaign to promote a YES vote in the forthcoming referendum on the Alternative Vote”

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