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Road Safety Improvements for Dinas Cross

by admin on 18 February, 2011

I am delighted to say that the Trunk Road Agency who told me in November that they had no money for road safety improvements have now come up with a scheme which should be up and running in Bwlchmawr shortly. In addition the Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones has said money will be made available for a traffic calming scheme in the next financial year.  No details on this yet but at least it is a positive signal.

Below is the scheme outlined in an email from the TRA.

Good morning Cllr Kilmister,

Since we met in December last year the Agency has managed to secure additional funding to trial Vehicle Activated sign schemes on the Trunk Road network in Ceredigion and north Pembrokeshire. Although the funding is rather modest, we have identified three locations to run as trial sites – one of those is at Bwlchmawr, Dinas Cross, not least because of the enforcement issues raised by Dyfed Powys Police at December’s meeting. Orders have been placed for three VA sign units – one unit per location – which will be set up on a three month rotation at either end of the trial sites. So, at Bwlchmawr we intend to set up two post assemblies, one at each end of the trial site, and rotate the VA sign position every three months or so. This will hopefully avoid the problems of drivers becoming complacent to a sign that is fixed at one location, as recommended by current guidelines.

These VA signs are also suitable as continuous speed data collection devices, so they can be used to provide speed data during the trial period without having to resort to other means of obtaining the data, for example by installing automatic traffic counter loops fixed to the carriageway surface.

I am hopeful the signs will be in place by the end of March, but this is subject to a 6-8 week lead-in period for delivery of the VA sign units. However, work to installing bases and posts may be undertaken well in advance, ready for the sign installation.

I will do my best to keep you posted of any changes.

I trust this is satisfactory.

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