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Press Release

by admin on 24 January, 2011

Press Release from County Councillor Bob Kilmister (Liberal Democrat Dinas Cross)

Liberal Democrat Welsh Assembly Candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire.


County Councillor Bob Kilmister gave evidence on Thursday 21/01/11 to Pembrokeshire County Councils Economy Committee. They however decided to do nothing about Fishguard Town Centre.

 He outlined the desperate position that retailers were facing, particularly in the towns of Fishguard and Milford Haven.  He called on the Councillors to recommend to Cabinet that parking charges in both Towns be removed.

 He pointed out to Councillors that the expensive Buchanan report commissioned by the County Council had recommended that no charges should be applied in the West Street car park until a new supermarket had been built. He also compared the facilities offered by out of town retail centres with their free parking and excellent access to the situation in Fishguard.   Here we have pavements that are too narrow, a constant danger from vehicles and parking charges.


From the Councils report he estimated that the weekly turnover of the average retail premises in Fishguard Town Centre was only £1,887.  This is before any deductions for Rent, Rates, Heating & Lighting or Staffing Costs.  You cannot earn a decent living on such figures and it shows clearly the crisis that traders face.

 Bob Kilmister said “this is a crisis.  I believe it will get much worse unless we take concerted action. The financial position in this Town Centre is simply shocking”.

“To afford the introduction of parking wardens we have introduced car parking charges which are having an economic affect on the Independent retail business sector.  There are many who welcome this development but I am afraid I am not convinced.  My belief is that in 12 to 18 months many will regret what we are doing. Time will tell but empty town centres will often never regenerate once custom has gone elsewhere.  You may well be killing the goose that lays the golden egg.”


 Note.  Bob Kilmister was an Executive with J Sainsbury Plc for 30 years and has great experience in the retail sector.

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